Friday, 14 February 2020

Alert: Are you going to buy a vehicle with a personalised number plate?

Why we should check vehicle details before buying a personalised number plate 

Personalised number plates are still a huge business in the UK. Reports say that DVLA generated around £2 billion for the Treasury since 1989 when it started selling the personalized number plates. There a lot of private companies selling personalised number plates via DVLA.

Vehicle information experts are warning people who are willing to buy a used car with personalized number plates. There is always a reason behind experts warning because the car’s number plate might be changed to hide the true identity of a vehicle. So it advice to perform a number plate check to know about the vehicle history.

Reasons for hiding a true identity by a Number plate change

Might be Changed to
  • hide the outstanding finance on the previous number plate.
  • hide the previous accidental history
  • hide the true mileage history
  • sell a vehicle at a high value
  • hide the scrapped status of the vehicle
  • hide the number of original previous owners of the vehicle

What does the number plate search stats say?

A famous DVLA vehicle check provider, HPI says that more than 1 in 5 cars checked with their website have had at least one number plate change in previous history. Even though there might be some legitimate reason for changing the number plate but there is also a hidden reason for hiding the vehicle age too.

An expert from HPI, Mr. Teskey says that
 “HPI reveals over 30 stolen vehicle are being found every day and 1 in 4 vehicles checked has outstanding finance. Motorists can take steps to protect themselves from fraudsters and the risk of picking up a car with a misleading or problematic number plate.”

With this stats, he warned the used car buyers to be aware of the personalised number plate changed the vehicle.

Where to perform a registration plate check?

There are a lot of vehicle information check providers to check vehicle details about the number plate check, outstanding finance, written off details, tax, and MOT status, MOT history and much more. Some of the worthy providers to mention are CarDotCheck, Hpi, motorcheck.

Perform a simple number plate check and let you brain rule your heart with the significant vehicle information check.